Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Traditional Indian SnakeBoat

Boat Race in Kerala (India):Boat Racing is one of the foremost cultural attractions in the beautiful state of Kerala in India. In God’s Own Country, a large number of regattas are organized each year. A large number of people enthusiastically participate in this aquatic event not just as participants but also as viewers. The Aranmula Boat Race is held in Kerala (India) with a great deal of fervor and vigor.

Myth:According to legend, a devotee was once carrying offerings for Lord Krishna. Unfortunately his boat was looted. This broke his heart and in order to give him consolation, God himself appeared before him. He was advised to make larger boats so that they could be rowed by several men and could easily make its way through the water. This is how the snake boats originated. The people of Aranmula-Kerala even believe that on the day of the race the boat possesses and shares some of the attributes of God.

About the Artwork: This is a 3D Artwork which represents Traditional Indian Cultural Heritage in a form of a toy, such toys are often made as antique pieces to decorate home interiors in India, artwork is made in 3DsMax 2008 rendered in Vray1.5sp1 and postwork in Photoshop Cs3

Inspiration and Reference:Various Photographs where reffered in making this artwork